The Democracy Rebellion:
Videos on People Power

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For three years, I’ve been crisscrossing the country with my camera crew and producer Susan Gray, filming citizen reformers in action, interviewing grassroots activists, and editing our footage into a pioneering documentary on the new wave of popular uprisings across America, out to fix our broken democracy.


And EUREKA, the fascinating, inspiring human story of THE DEMOCRACY REBELLION is coming to you next month on PBS. More than 100 stations have already signed on. THE FIRST PROGRAMS START JANUARY 6. A new PBS website is in the works. One university has already created a credit course on the web.

This is the missing story of American politics, a story people have been hungering for. Not Washington, but grassroots America. Not stale gridlock, but fresh reforms. Not partisan combat, but hands across party lines.

Not negative ads and Mega-donors, but positive change and citizen activists pressing for gerrymander reform, voting rights for former felons, exposing dark money, and winning surprising victories to make our elections fairer, more transparent and more inclusive.

Stay tuned. We’ll be back soon with a rundown on the PBS broadcasts in your home state and city But first, get a taste. Sample the trailer below and please spread the word to your friends, your group. your university, your network.

Coming on PBS in January:
A Reporter’s Notebook with Hedrick Smith

Check out this video clip from THE DEMOCRACY REBELLION. It introduces you to the incredible efforts of citizen movements across the nation fighting for cleaner elections,  voting rights, and against politicians rigging elections to stay in power. Veteran PBS and FRONTLINE correspondent Hedrick Smith documents popular rebellions in states as disparate as Florida and California, North Carolina and South Dakota, Connecticut, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Missouri, Utah and more. The movement has gained so much momentum that 2018 was the biggest boom year for political reforms since the 1960s.

Stay tuned for more news and more segments – coming soon!