CWA President Chris Sheldon to Mitch McConnell: Do Your Job and Put For the People Act Up for Vote

As part of a coalition of more than 145 groups working together to fix our broken democracy, CWA President Chris Shelton called on Mitch McConnell to put the For the People Act up for a vote. The sweeping pro-democracy bill was passed by the House of Representatives last March and contains reforms essential to fixing our political system, including voting rights, money-in-politics, redistricting, and government ethics reforms.

"You can see the harm that Citizens United has done to our country every time you turn on your TV and see the wall-to-wall ads of corporations trying to buy your votes," said Shelton. "If corporations have unlimited power to choose the most favorable politicians for their bank account while people work, suffer, and struggle, day after day – then our democracy is a sham. It's time to fundamentally reform our political system by passing the For the People Act. It's time for Mitch McConnell to do his job and put this bill up for a vote."