37 states have closed public schools. Grocery store shelves are empty. Government lockdowns are already in place in many major cities, and a nationwide lockdown is all but imminent. Most importantly, the health and well-being of millions are at risk. Here at BioTrust, we are going to do everything we can to support our 100+ employees and millions of customers in North America and around the world. That's where this email comes in.

Simply put, the #1 thing you can do right now is avoid the chaos, stay home, prepare, and strengthen your immune system as much as possible.

To help, BioTrust has fortified our inventory and we are putting our entire product line on sale at 30% off. Our award-winning protein BioTrust Low Carb has a 2 year shelf life and is the #1 meal replacement in the world with 24g of immune-boosting protein per serving – just add water. It's what we ourselves are stocking up on for our families.

Our Protein Brownies require no prep, ready to eat, and have a shelf life up to a year.

Our Probiotics, Greens, and Ageless Body formula are some of the most comprehensive products on the market when it comes to fortifying your immune system to be as strong as possible right now.

This storewide 30% discount will run for the next 3 days or until various products begin to sell out. We will do all we can to keep inventory in stock, but it is very likely certain products will begin to stock out. For now, we have inventory of everything.

Use the code: PREPARE30

Simply go to any of the product links below and then use the menus of the site to add additional products to your order while getting 30% OFF your entire order.

Avoid the chaos of the grocery stores right now (200 people waiting in line at Publix this morning, just to get IN the store), be safe, and stock up while having the best products available delivered directly to your door.

Code to use at checkout: PREPARE30

No quantity limits or restrictions. Stock up at 30% off and prepare. At BioTrust, we are stepping up for our families and customers during this time, and rest assured we have your back. Save 30% on your entire order with code PREPARE30 here:

==> BioTRUST Low Carb - 2 Year Shelf Life Immunity Boosting Meal Replacement & Protein Powder – Just Add Water

==> Protein Brownies - Ready to Eat, High Quality Protein Brownies (1 Year Shelf Life)

==> Pro-X10 - Advanced Microencapsulated Immunity-Boosting Probiotic Blend

==> Ageless Body - Advanced Anti-Aging & Immune Defense Formula

==> MetaboGreens 45X - Amazingly Delicious Super Greens Powder & Immunity Boost

==> Zen-Zzz - Premium Anti-Stress "Calming" Supplement

==> Keto Elevate - Pure & Premium Ketogenic C8 MCT powder

==> Ageless Multi-Collagen - Tasteless, Ordorless Protein Powder - Mixes Instantly WITHOUT Clumps (in hot or cool liquids)

==> Ageless Bright - Natural Age/Dark Spot Reducer & Skin Tone Evener

==> Ageless Glow - Plant-Based, Anti-Aging Skin & Face Serum

==> OmegaKrill 5X - Pure and Potent Fish and Krill Oil Combo

==> IC-5 2.0 - Advanced Insulin and Carbohydrate Management

==> BellyTrim XP - Advanced Waist-Slimming Fatty Acid Complex

==> Brain Bright - Triple Action Brain Enhancement Formula

==> Joint 33X - Next Generation Joint Health Formula

==> AbsorbMax - Premium Digestive Enzymes

We are in this together. Be safe, and be prepared.

To your health and safety,